Unbothered Plus Size Clothing 

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Unbothered Plus Size Clothing & Accessories ​​





  Navy Flare Dress
​1x-2x-3x (New) $4,800

Asymmetrical  T-Shirt  Dress In Black and Burgundy  1x- 2x- 3x (Back In Stock) $2,600

  Silver Leather Dress
​1x-2x-3x (New) $7,600

 Black Stretch Leather Dress
​1x-2x-3x (New) $7,600

  White & Blue Dress
​1x-2x-3x (New) $4,500

 Black or Peach Criss-Cross Dress
​1x-2x-3x (New) $6,000

Sheer Body Suit Maxi Dress In Black or White 
​1x - 2x- 3x  (New) $​4,000

Black Sheer Polka Dot Dress 
​1x - 2x- 3x  (New) $​6,500

Unbothered Queen Collection-Double  Split Maxi Dress, In Black  & Red    ​1x-2x 3x (New)  $5,000

Pink & White Round Collar Mini Dress I  1x- 2x- 3x (NEW) $4,500

Floral High Split Maxi Dress 
 1x- 2x- 3x (NEW) $7,500

Mint Mini  Dress With Split Sleeves
  1x- 2x- 3x (NEW) $4,800

Unbothered Queen Collection-Two Color  Wrap Dress In Pink  & White  OR  Pink & Black
​1x-2x 3x (BACK IN STOCK)  $6,300

Unbothered Queen Collection
Navy Blue Bodycon Dress 
​1x-2x 3x (New)  $8,300

Embroidered  Khaki Mini Dress I  1x- 2x- 3x (NEW) $4,500

​​Long Sleeve Chiffon Maxi Dress
In Black, Light Green, Dark Green & Red
​1x-2x -3x (New)  $6,000

Unbothered Queen Collection
Black Off-The-Shoulder
Peplum Dress 
​1x-2x 3x (New)  $6,800

Unbothered Queen Collection
SHOW STOPPER Hi -Lo peplum Dress  
​1x-2x 3x (New)  $10,300

Light and Dark  Jeans Dress 
​1x - 2x- 3x  (Limited Supplies)  $4,000

Wrap Jeans Dress with Layered Long Sleeve
​1x-2x-3x (Back In Stock) $4,300

Bright Yellow Ruffle Dress
1x- ​2x- 3x   - $3,800

Unbothered Queen Collection
Sheer  Bodysuit Maxi Dress
1x- ​2x- 3x /4x  - $5,200

Black Shimmer  Dress 
1x-​2x- 3x  (New) $3,500

White  Nude Illusion Dress
​1x-2x- 3x  $3,500

Light Denim Mini  Dress 
1x-​2x- 3x  (Limited Supplies) - $3,700

Ribbed Design Dress w/ Side  Slip with Lace 
In Mauve and Black  1x-​2x- 3x  (Limited Supplies) $3,200

Comfy Mini Khaki Dress
w/ Chrochet Design  
1x-​2x- 3x - $4,000

Gold Spaghetti Self-Tie Waist Mini Dress
​1x-2x-3x (Back In Stock ) $3,500

White Crochet Lace  Sleeveless Midi Dress
​1x-2x-3x $3,000

White Sheer Mesh Long Sleeves High Neck Plus Size Bodycon Mini Dress
​1x-2x-3x  $2,500